2023 New Year Speech | Striving Forward and Creating New Achievements

Release time:2023.01.22

Dear friends and colleagues from all walks of life

The golden tiger steps on the snow to bid farewell, and the jade rabbit brings joy in the spring. Wave goodbye to the year 2022 and embark on a journey of both wind and rain, we have strided into the year 2023 full of hope. On the occasion of this year's law update, Boya (Fujian) Architectural Design Co., Ltd. extends sincere greetings and the best wishes for the Chinese New Year to all leaders, friends, colleagues, and family members who have always cared for and supported the development of our company!

Looking back on 2022, this year, pressure and difficulties go hand in hand, and gains and joy go hand in hand.

Bravely move forward, facing challenges and difficulties head-on. When the epidemic ravaged Tongcheng in March, the company took orders to quickly and high-quality complete the design and construction tasks of multiple quarantine points in Quanzhou's shelters. With practical actions, it contributed to the victory of the epidemic prevention and control battle in Quanzhou, receiving high praise from relevant departments at the provincial and municipal levels and praise from all sectors of society.

Seeking progress while maintaining stability and promoting transformation through diversified development. In 2022, Boya Company officially launched the engineering general contracting section, which includes both self operated and joint venture projects. In the face of the epidemic, it seized opportunities and worked hard to promote the rapid development of engineering general contracting business. In September, Boya Company obtained the Grade A qualification for housing construction engineering supervision, and its main business expanded to the engineering supervision section, creating a comprehensive construction enterprise with collaborative development across multiple sections. In November, Boya Company, as the lead bidder, won the bid for the first time to undertake the entire process consulting project, expanding the entire process consulting service market.

Earn honor and work together to create brilliance. In September, Boya Company was awarded the title of "Quanzhou Construction Industry Quasi Leading Enterprise". In December, recommended by the Quanzhou Federation of Trade Unions, it was selected as a candidate enterprise for "Quanzhou Social Responsibility Enterprise". Each honor is the result of everyone's joint efforts, a recognition and encouragement of Boya Company, and a force to forge ahead.

In 2023, we will respond to market changes and policy adjustments, actively explore the market, and the entire company will work together, gather ideas, forge ahead, and create new achievements.

Finally, I sincerely wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year, and all the best!

Boya (Fujian) Architectural Design Co., Ltd

January 22, 2023