[Thinking about Change, Seeking New Leadership, Moving Forward] Zhongjian Design Group Holds the 2022 Annual Summary Conference

Release time:2023.04.06

The sun and moon move forward, and the years are new and prosperous. On the afternoon of January 11, 2023, the "2022 End of Year Summary Conference of Zhongjian Design Group" was successfully held in the conference room on the fifth floor of Boya Building, with the participation of the group's leadership team, affiliated companies, and major department heads. Affected by the epidemic, this meeting was held through a combination of offline and online methods. The meeting comprehensively summarized the group's various work and business development in 2022, commended the advanced, and deployed the work arrangement for 2023.


Meeting Site Map

At the beginning of the meeting, the heads of various technical production departments and functional management departments of the core enterprise of the group, Boya (Fujian) Architectural Design Co., Ltd., made on-site reports and summaries on the work situation in 2022, conducted in-depth analysis of the shortcomings in the work, and made a detailed work plan for the next year based on the actual situation.


Reporting work by relevant responsible persons

After listening to reports from various departments, Mr. Wu Dezhong, the General Manager, made a comprehensive summary of the overall situation of the company for 2022, and based on the work achievements and difficulties faced in 2022, deployed the work goals for 2023. In 2023, the group will expand its business through multiple channels, including design and construction general contracting and full process consulting; Continue to manage and control existing construction projects; Emphasize talent cultivation; Establish a sound quality assurance system to create maximum value for society and customers with craftsmanship and quality.


General Manager Wu Dezhong Summarizes Work

Mr. Liu Gaowang, the chairman, fully affirmed that in the past year, the company has achieved remarkable results in various tasks with the spirit of unremitting efforts and hard work in a severe market environment. At the same time, he objectively analyzed the current problems and situations faced by the company. Subsequently, arrangements and prospects for the work in 2023 were proposed around aspects such as "operation, management, strengthening project risk control, employment system, and leveraging union functions".

Honorary Chairman Mr. Wang Fengguan stated that in the extraordinary year of 2022, although the company was affected by the epidemic and policies, all employees of the company worked together to overcome difficulties and complete the established tasks for this year. We appreciate everyone's efforts and dedication. In the new year, the company should strengthen the construction of its talent team, expand more service channels, and empower enterprises to develop with high quality.

Strive day by day and strive for success over time. Looking back on 2022, the development and achievements of the group are inseparable from the efforts and contributions of every colleague. This conference will commend and encourage outstanding employees in all aspects of 2022, in order to motivate them to strive forward in the new year.

2022 is a year full of pressure and challenges. We treat difficulties as opportunities and transform pressure into motivation. We have withstood the multiple invasions of the epidemic, overcome difficulties, strengthen our foundation, and strive for steady progress. In 2023, we must keep up with the trend of the times, seize opportunities, gather strength, adhere to the corporate spirit of "self-improvement and continuous surpassing", forge ahead, and open up new prospects.